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Instructions - Score, Ranking and Medals


Speed Sudoku members are initially given a score of 1000. You win and lose points depending on what place you finish and how skilled your opponents are. More precisely, when you solve a sudoku puzzle you take points away from each opponent that hasn't solved it yet. The points to be awarded are calculated as (loser's score / winner's score) * 20, up to a maximum of 100 points from each opponent.

Let's explain this with an example. Let's say Player A, Player B and Player C are playing a game together and their scores are 1000, 500 and 2000 respectively:

  1. A does very well and finishes 1st. A gets only (500/1000)*20 = 10 points from B because B is a weaker player. A also gets (2000/1000)*20 = 40 points from C, a stronger player.
  2. The scores are now 1050 for A, 490 for B and 1960 for C.
  3. Next, B gave up and quit. No points are exchanged.
  4. Finally, C solves the sudoku puzzle. C gets (490/1960)*20 = 5 points from B. Not much, but losing 35 points overall is better than losing 40!
  5. Game over. The final scores are now 1050 for A, 485 for B and 1965 for C.


Icon (Free and Premium) Description Minimum Experience Minimum Score
Trainee Trainee Trainee N/A N/A
Apprentice Apprentice Apprentice 5 solved sudoku puzzles 1
Beginner Beginner Beginner 5 solved sudoku puzzles 500
Novice Novice Novice 5 solved sudoku puzzles 700
Average Average Average 5 solved sudoku puzzles 900
Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate 15 solved sudoku puzzles 1000
Advanced Advanced Advanced 15 solved sudoku puzzles 1100
Expert Expert Expert 30 solved sudoku puzzles 1300
Master Master Master 30 solved sudoku puzzles 1500
Grand Master Grand Master Grand Master 60 solved sudoku puzzles 2000
Guru Guru Guru 80 solved sudoku puzzles 3000
Grand Guru Grand Guru Grand Guru 100 solved sudoku puzzles 4000

A special Sudoku Champion Sudoku Champion rank is assigned to the Speed Sudoku member with the highest score (updated once per hour).


Members may be awarded several types of medals. They are listed on the Medals page.

Medals are based on defeating unique race opponents, in other words, the number of players who solved the sudoku puzzle slower than you, without quitting, in games that you've finished.


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